tisdag 24 maj 2011

Time to breath...

Almost 3 weeks has gone since my open house party! I feel warmth in my heart.

Anyway, I have a huge pile of quilts waiting for quilting. F U N! My head spinns with threads and patterns and everything you can do with this lovely machine. In a week or so I will having some customers coming.   And I am invited to a local quilt guild. Jiiihhaaaa!

Last night I finished the dinasaourquilt. It turned out really nice and the contrast with the thread and the black fabric is great. The pictures is not so great! Can´t blame anyone else then myself...

Colorful dinos. In the blocks there is quilted dinos too. 

The border

Well, tonight the cutest, romantic little quilt is going to be quilted.. I will use a pattern from http://www.onesongneedlearts.com/ and from the collection Forget me knots...

Now...dinner time!

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