söndag 19 juni 2011

I have to say it again! I LOVE MY STATLER!!!!

the other day I recived a beautiful yellow quilt, for me it was like ice cream! I can absolutely adopt the yellow quilt....
Here is some pictures, I will post some when it´s all done! The pattern is from www.onesongneedlearts.com


onsdag 15 juni 2011

30s heart quilt

Well I have been busy at the Statler, here is some pictures of what is going on just behind my back...

Lets Go!

Pattern from Anne Bright Ginko Garden B2B

The thread is King Tut Varigated in the colors that are in the fabrics. It is really so pretty!!

A couple of days ago I quilted this bright and lovely quilt

The Train Quilt, quilted with trains of course!!!

fredag 3 juni 2011

Quilting in the bikini under a nice warm sun!

Oh what a beautiful day! I packed my bags, brought my kids, sewing machine and my bikini to my sister in law. We had a great, sunny, wonderful day by the pool, at our sewing machines....

We made potholders.

Cup Cake Pot holder.

I also finished a pillowcase for my oldest son.

Flying kites!

Everything from todays lovely sewing by the pool - won´t be the last one!!
I also completed a small make up bag (or small bag for VI stuff). I really like the puzzle pattern on the bag, Its a great way to use the sampler patterns that I have quilted, or to try threads. I guess I will end up with a lot of small bags further on....


Tomorrow we will do the same....at the pool, with the kids in my bikini. How often does that happend? Quilting in the bikini??

onsdag 1 juni 2011

Quilted hummingbirds on a quilt with Hummingbirdsfabric..

Working hard in the garage!! Today I finished another customers quilt. Excellent piecing= Excellent quilting! Have a look...

The quilt is from www,fatquartershop.com

Finishing a project that I bought in MQX in april, precut fabrics for a fan, couldn´t be better! 
two borders is missing, then time for quilting....