måndag 30 maj 2011

 Turquise quilt quilted

Good evening all, 
Before bed, I´d like to post some pictures of a quilt that I made for a costumer tonight. Its a turquise/bluisch babyquilt. It was a lot of fun to to! Next up is a train quilt. Pictures will come later this week...
Enjoy my machine working!!

Here is the result


söndag 29 maj 2011


My machine is the best! Today I quilted a little romantic quilt with roses from a customer from Västerås. I used a pattern from www.onesongneedlearts.com It had a lot of details, it took a while but it was so worth it! It turned out to a really beauty.

It is so pretty!


I just have a 2 day work week. Me like.

Maybe.....there will be some more quilting during the week. I also heard that I am expecting a parcel from Uppsala.....

This gives me true joy!!!

tisdag 24 maj 2011

Time to breath...

Almost 3 weeks has gone since my open house party! I feel warmth in my heart.

Anyway, I have a huge pile of quilts waiting for quilting. F U N! My head spinns with threads and patterns and everything you can do with this lovely machine. In a week or so I will having some customers coming.   And I am invited to a local quilt guild. Jiiihhaaaa!

Last night I finished the dinasaourquilt. It turned out really nice and the contrast with the thread and the black fabric is great. The pictures is not so great! Can´t blame anyone else then myself...

Colorful dinos. In the blocks there is quilted dinos too. 

The border

Well, tonight the cutest, romantic little quilt is going to be quilted.. I will use a pattern from http://www.onesongneedlearts.com/ and from the collection Forget me knots...

Now...dinner time!

söndag 8 maj 2011


Jag vill tacka ALLA som kom och förgyllde mina 2 dagar med Open House! Det var helt underbart kul att träffa alla, de som kom från nära håll, de som åkt i många timmar, de som jag inte visste skulle komma och dom som jag visste skulle komma, de som kanske skulle komma. Tack, det är så kul att träffa alla, gamla, unga och barn!
Här kommer lite bilder från fredagen och lördagen, tyvärr hann jag inte med att fota allt och alla...

lite förfriskningar

Delar av härliga Flink i Handen kom på besök! Vi kommer att ses fler gånger! Tack för att ni kom.

Täcket som fick agera modell under dagarna. 

passade på att skylta lite försäljningsvara! Den är fortfarande till salu...

Delar av allstrerna som man fick klämma och känna på.

Nu är quilten klar och ligger på sängen för tillfället. 

Det blev blommor på quilten med vit tråd från Aurifil.

tisdag 3 maj 2011

Quilt for my sister in laws mother in law!

Here is some pictures of a quilt that I made this evening, it was a lot of fun!

nice pattern, nice stitches

With flash

without flash....

Mug rugs byte

In february me and my some of my sewingfriends went away over the weekend sewing, we went to http://www.korunda.se/
a really nice hotel with good food and nice rooms. We didn´t go outdoor for 3 days....the sun was shining - we just stayed inside sewing. It must just be us quilters that are that crazy!!! Anyway, we decided to have a small swap of mug rugs. Its a nice size and not too much work. We wrote our names on a piece of paper and put them all in a basket and then we picked one of the papers and that persons name was the one that we were going to send our mug rugs to. We decided to send them May the 2nd. I hope I will have a parcel in my mailbox tomorrow.....:-)
Anyway here is my mug rugs that are sent to.......can´t tell!!

Next up done!!

 Så här fint blev det röd/vita täcket....

Och i närbild