söndag 31 juli 2011

More quilts done!

Here is a BIG Bargello Heart in vivid colours!
Beautiful Bargello Heart!

Holiday trip to St Petersburg, Russia

My husband, me and my mother in law went to Russia. Here is some pictures from a church. Gave me some inspiration to to a mosaic quilt..... 
Oh yes, its all done with mosaic....I guess I can turn it into fabric. Oh yes its a real challenge....:-)

And all these absolute stunning wooden floors, this one is from the Heritage.

Far behind with my blogging - I have holiday!!!

Better catch up! Even if nothing has happend on my blog in a very long time, my Statler has worked.
First I did this lovely quilt from a woman in Täby, Stockholm. She has done it from www.quiltemagasinet.no.
I quilted it for her and it turned out so beautiful!
Ready to quilt

Empty space...
Started quilting.

Pattern from www.onesongneedlearts.com

In the middle there was a mariners compass, the center got another pattern. It turned out great!!



Close up, centerpiece.

Intricate pattern.