fredag 3 juni 2011

Quilting in the bikini under a nice warm sun!

Oh what a beautiful day! I packed my bags, brought my kids, sewing machine and my bikini to my sister in law. We had a great, sunny, wonderful day by the pool, at our sewing machines....

We made potholders.

Cup Cake Pot holder.

I also finished a pillowcase for my oldest son.

Flying kites!

Everything from todays lovely sewing by the pool - won´t be the last one!!
I also completed a small make up bag (or small bag for VI stuff). I really like the puzzle pattern on the bag, Its a great way to use the sampler patterns that I have quilted, or to try threads. I guess I will end up with a lot of small bags further on....


Tomorrow we will do the the pool, with the kids in my bikini. How often does that happend? Quilting in the bikini??

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