fredag 14 oktober 2011

Purple Quilt

This is so much fun! I got an email from a quilter that I haven´t seen in 8 years...She wanted me to quilt a big quilt for her. So I did! She and her husband came to visit to leave the quilttop, with their 2 lovely dogs. Got to meet our 2 dogs.

The front of the quilt is in purple and a lot of different fabrics and the back is just light green- She wanted purple thread on the back aswell and now she has a quilt that she can use both sides on. Have a look.
( you have seen the pattern before....:-))

Lovely happy colors!

And the quilted pattern.

...but the back is so nice...

its a detailed pattern. 

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  1. Häftig quilt,snygg quiltning som blev fint framträdande även på baksidan. Snyggt jobbat