måndag 7 november 2011

Small stuff

Well time flies!
Have done a lot of stuff and here is some pictures,
Here is the pattern for a preprinted baby panel.

Thought the bears would look good to the bears!!!

 Have you ever worked with candle rings?? 
its a lot of fun, here is some examples.
Put som tulle and organza to close it down.

Another one...with pearls.

Erik is doing some raw edge applique

The dogs....

Here is a fun thing. A friend of mine made a pillowcase for her relative. She likes shoes and have a blog. Have a look at the pillow when its  done!

1 kommentar:

  1. I love your blog, you get a lot completed!
    And I love the flower rings sample. Are Flower rings just pieces of 'silk flowers' or does 'flower ring' mean something else?
    Do you long-arm quilt mostly 'over-all' patterns or do you do detailed custom quilting too?
    Beautiful quilts!