söndag 20 november 2011

Edyta Sitar Triangle Exchange

I watch The quiltshow.com and I really like it! I get a lot of inspirations from the guests. But one person that got me going was Edyta Sitar. Have a look at her wonderful quilts and books, www.laundrybasket.com She had this triangles exchange. I wanted to do one aswell... So I ordered the triangle paper and just like that I had 35 persons that wanted to come along ! When I got all the triangles I had 10 901 triangles to swap....;-) Puhhh!

We had some busy hours counting...we put all of them in a big basket and tried to make as good mix as possible.

I have challenged the people to have something done by the end of april 2012...we´ll see if I can show something here.

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